SILD was born in 1960 as samwill and shearing workshop of tropical precious essences, for the production of veneer. After 50 year we decided to expand the production to keep up-to-date at the demand of the market. We expandend the samwill department for the internal production especially local essences as Oak Beech, Cherry, Walnut, Poplar and for third party clients of big sizes, up to 2,20 mt of diameter via vertical and horizontal bans saw. Lumbers are exposed to an evaporation and dessiccation process through 4 evaporation tanks and 2 dessication furnaces that increase stability and alterate the color in case of the evaporation and the possibility of using the suitable humidity for the next processes through dessiccation. Lot of extra-ue essences were bought as lumber in the area of oringin via selected productors to have always top quality products, because quality is the foundation of our company policy to satisfy customers.
Lumbers are sold or processed internally to make into semi-finished products cutted to size or to product lamellare for windows or doors (standard and not standard sizes), according to custromer's orders. With lamellar we also build shutter in many different essences, sizes and models.
With lumbers we also product structural shapes in solid wood as basebord, casing for doors and glazes.
Veneers are sold in pack or pallet, sectioned to size as ordered, jointed for doors or in spool for edge.
The news of the last years is the production of planks for wood floor in two or three layers. An handcrafted product fully processed in our company and unique on the market.
For the 50 years of activity we opened a retail sale point where you can found an etended selection of floors for internal and external purpose, doors in solid wood, structural shapes, edges, lumebers. Everything producted and marketed by us.