Interior and exterior floors

We have an extensive range of both interior and exterior wood flooring. We can produce flooring that best suits the specific conditions of any location and provide cleaning products for normal and heavy duty maintenance of floors.

Our interior wood flooring conforms to the norms CE UNI EN 14342:2008, is pre-finished in two or three layers or solid wood. The entire production process is carried out in-house by the company, starting with the selection of raw materials and finishing with a natural wood product or one which is finished with varnish or oil. The surface boards can be brushed, with a saw-effect finish or hand-planed. The type of wood, thickness and dimensions vary depending on customers' requests, to which can be added solid wood skirting boards produced by us.

Decking is produced and sold in a variety of wood types, thickness and dimensions. Planks can be grooved to house clips provided by us for installation.

Our floors:

Lots of other floors available, the gallery here.