Our Doors:

Bio larch doors
Organic larch doors (as in the photo above) with patina, framework in plywood. The doors are composed of 4mm boards on both sides, glued to phenolic composite, without housings for glass panes.

Interior doors with a choice of wood facing on a spruce plywood panel resulting in a strong, stable product suited to both rustic and modern interiors.
They can be built with a horizontal, vertical or bespoke design.
Download the catalogue for Afrodite and Elena here.

Afrodinte and Elena's photo gallery here

Plywood doors
Using plywood we produce ourselves, we make doors of standard and non-standard size.
There is a variety of models and wood types; panels in plywood (full list) with housing for glass pane on one side.
They are supplied ready assembled with the possibility of removing the panels and housings. Ironwork and varnishing are required.

Ercolino is a kit composed of a semi-finished panel plus plywood framework, ready to be
transformed by joiners and fitters into an entry door.
Also available to home owners after the necessary work.
Download the full Ercolino catalogue here.