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The Parquet Masters

SILD, a company founded in 1960, is firmly positioned today in its target market with high quality and value products. Its broad experience and the unrelenting search for innovation and raw material quality has consolidated its position in the world of wooden parquet floors. Our craftsmanship and permanent quest for perfection is fully expressed in the bio product line. Not surprisingly, this is finding growing approval and interest from customers. SILD is driven by a continuous pursuit of excellence and sees as it mission the production of eco-compatible products without chemical and petroleum derivatives. Respect for nature in the production, transformation and marketing of products follows the new and highly stringent green building standards.

Today, bio wood parquet floors, wooden doors, and wood panelling perfectly convey the Made in Italy brand, as each production stage is completed in Italy.

Professionalism, experience and quality are at the complete service of the most discerning customers. From tradition to innovation, SILD leads by offering stylish and superior interior design solutions.

The stages of our growth

Our passion for wood, our art of building the future, our family tradition. Today’s experience is the fruit of our history.

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Request an appointment for a free, no-obligation quote. SILD produces fine handcrafted wooden floors, doors and boiserie for individuals and businesses (interior designers and architecture firms).

+39 0171 918 213

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