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Sild – The Parquet Floor Masters Wood panelling is a decoration technique that involves cladding the walls of an environment with wooden panels. Fine craftsmanship quality to cover and decorate walls and which can help you personalise any housing projects. The shabby or contemporary classic style involve the use of wood panels to furnish walls. SILD handcrafted wood panelling allows superior customisation for high-end interior projects.
The ample wood range allows the interpretation and redesign of interior spaces, transforming them into unique creations.

Professionalism, experience and quality are at the complete service of the most discerning customers. From tradition to innovation, SILD leads by offering stylish and superior interior design solutions.

Using wood as a furnishing material gives a touch of elegance and exclusivity, transforming walls into interior design elements. Wood panelling is made with different types of wood to give continuity to the floor coverings or to create contrasts that emphasize their uniqueness.

Quality and style for fine cladding

We produce high-quality wooden claddings with the utmost respect for the wood’s curing and drying time. The quality of our wood panelling allows the creation of exclusive interior projects with high-end finishes.

We create eco-friendly wood panelling without chemical and petroleum derivatives. We respect nature in accordance with new and stringent green building standards. Each wood features specific aesthetic and technical traits: SILD helps customers in choosing the ideal wood type based on its intended use and desired features. We gladly offer our extensive experience in the Cuneo area and north-west Italy with personalised professional advice.

Wood panelling finishes

Be inspired by the elegant versatility of our wood panelling. Many different effects with treatments and textures that enhance the wood and create comfortable and refined settings.

Natural wood panelling requires careful regular and special care and maintenance. To retain the wood’s natural features over time, customers are advised to observe the detailed instructions in our guide.


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