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The warm harmony of wood for your home flooring. SILD parquet floors with high-quality bio oak, larch and chestnut are made entirely in Italy. Wooden floors are available for indoors and outdoors.
Fine craftsmanship quality for a unique wooden floor.

Types of parquet laying

Wooden floors can be laid with traditional or modern laying patterns. SILD supports the customers’ choice of laying styles and wood types to best enhance their environment.
Draw inspiration from different laying styles: herringbone, Hungarian herringbone, and brickwork and ladder.

Proper parquet care .

Natural wood parquet demands regular and special care and maintenance. To retain the wood’s natural features over time, customers are advised to observe the detailed instructions in our guide.

Contact SILD for a quote

Request an appointment for a free, no-obligation quote. SILD produces fine handcrafted wooden floors for individuals and businesses (interior designers and architecture firms).

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